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UX/UI Design

Delightful and Intuitive Designs.

Custom Software

Our solutions help you bring your business vision to life.

Web Applications

High performing & scalable web apps.

Mobile App

Put your business directly in the hands of your clients, customers, or workforce.

Our Process


This is arguably the most important phase of web app development. It is in this stage where Fairysun team sits down with you to determine your main business requirements and goals. We will guide you and answer any of your questions to ensure the success of your project. We create prototypes to serve a representation of your ideas.


This is the stage where a visual guide that depicts the basic structure of your web app is made available to you. Wireframes serve as the skeleton of any web app. Simply put, it displays the various functions that interact with each other within your app.


This multistep, collaborative process is where you and the Fairysun team work together to bring your ideas to life. Integral to this process is understanding your business requirements and goals. In this stage, we create a high level system design and architecture for your application.


After the design phase, the coding phase commences. Fairysun will then build your custom app. In this stage, we covert your requirements into code.


Fairysun can release builds in multiple iterations. This allows you to make necessary changes as your web app is being developed. This arrangement can save both parties time and energy, as adjustments can be made accordingly and immediately.

Quality Assurance

Fairysun includes quality assurance in every step of the process. This ensures that the web app is tested for potential bugs before it is made live.